Analyst Eric Ogren recommends virtual patching to shield vulnerabilities.

In a recent whitepaper, Eric demonstrates how being pro-active with your security can save valuable time and resources spent on future patching - requiring less maintenance and delivering savings.

Find out how much you can save with Trend Micro Deep Security for virtual patching.

Virtual Patching Results in Cost Savings

  • Reduces your potential exposure to vulnerabilities
  • Eliminates the cost of emergency patching
  • Reduces the risk of disclosure costs
  • Postpones upgrade costs

Don't wait for a costly breach of your data center.

Call Trend Micro and get DeepSecurity now:

Simplify your approach to shielding vulnerabilities.

  • Maintain premium protection against vulnerabilities
  • Minimize your patch management costs
  • Comply with risk management regulations and best practices
  • Protect "untouchable" Oracle, SAP and custom applications
Deep Security Virtual Patching: A Compelling Cost Saving Strategy
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