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Experts agree that virtualization provides greater security than its physical counterpart when supported by effective security to back it up. So, start re-imagining your data center today.

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Gartner, Trend Micro and their special-guest share strategies and offer advice on how to fine-tune your security to:

  • Learn what security challenges limit virtualization and cloud adoption
  • Transform your datacenter with security designed for virtualization and cloud
  • Identify best practices of peers to help you achieve 99% virtualization
  • Empower your servers to better combat the current threat environment

Convenient, informative and current — the Gartner Webcast keeps you tuned in to the latest security trends, upcoming threats and the next wave of virtualization technology.

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  • The future of virtual desktop technology
  • How your company can prepare for virtualization
  • Why Trend Micro is the leader in virtual security
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