Traditional security models will not work for virtualization.

In a new white paper, ESG Research shares why you need specially targeted security to fully protect your virtualized environments.

The bottom line is that if you don’t pay careful attention to your virtualization projects, you may end up jeopardizing security policy compliance.

Download ESG white paper now to:

  • Find out how your virtualization projects eventually lead to cloud computing
  • Learn about security safeguards that are already built into virtualization technologies
  • See how management integration can increase automation and control
  • Learn how to prepare to enforce security policies in public and private clouds

"…with the right planning, training, and technology implementation, the move to virtual IT can actually improve security defenses."
—Jon Oltsik, principle analyst, ESG Research

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Download the ESG white paper to help you identify:

  • Strategies for virtualization security
  • Security features you didn’t know existed
  • How to evaluate cloud security vendors
Analyst White Paper: Information Security, Virtualization, and the Journey to the Cloud
Download the white paper

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